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BizGazeTM enables Manufacturers to attain many tangible and intangible benefits of business process automation for a better visibility, centralized control, providing immediate productive actionable insights from JIT analytics, or to achieve process consistency across the extended ecosystem beyond business boundaries.

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  • Setting targets and tracking achievements by geography

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  • Centralized approach to inventory management and price control

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  • Customized conditional alerts JIT and invoking automated actionable tasks


The flagship offering from BizGazeTM is specially designed and has evolved over time for the B2B Distributor market, empowering distributors with Process Automation, Risk Mitigation and Business enhancement

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  • Process automation spans a range of workflows, assuring everything is on track.

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  • Ensures risk mitigation in managing all your financial transactions.

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  • Business enhancement and growth by enabling savings up to 80% on the back-end operations.


BizGazeTM empowers retailers including multiple brand outlets to effortlessly deal with and to on-board products from various OEMs using the powerful LOB feature; BizGaze also has added Capabilities to manage accounts, orders, offer and send communications via SMS, email and WhatsApp.

Features include but not limited to:

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  • Placing Orders using the Mobile Applications for all Business verticals.

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  • Tracking Delivery and Invoice information with real time updates.

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  • Making Online payments from anywhere and anytime with seamless notifications.

“ ERP vs SaaS vs Automation ”

ERP speaks

Cloud based SaaS applications
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BizGazeTM speaks, Workflow Automation. Amazing Right!

How BizGazeTM will help the
current running process


Tap the full potential of workflow builder with BizGazeTM by creating custom workflows and stages mapping the business process.Leverage inter-workflow mechanisms to get more value from various process areas, drive the business more efficiently with workflow automation.


Rule Engine

Rules module allows to define rules and set limits to business parameters in a workflow, and validates the fetched values in a transaction.Based on the outcome of the validation, Rules engine triggers the applicable rule or notification for further action.


BizGazeTM has a responsive GUI based visualization dashboards and reports module for custom design of reports by mere Drag and Drop functionality. It allows grouping of dashboards & reports applying custom filters with role based access to view and download as per the business needs.


Robust Notifications Framework pushes the relevant information to the users concerned at the right time prompting actions or keeping informed. Custom Template Manager helps to create Custom Notifications on-the-fly tied to actionable workflows.

“ An Investment Grade ”

3x-10x Assured ROI

Instant ROI BizGazeTM Automation tool allows reaping benefits immediately from the transactions in hand, both in the near as well as in the long run cumulatively.


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